The power of mobile dedicated to recruitment

DjobGo is the 100% mobile application that brings together executive profiles and companies. Geolocate, match and apply.

Mobile Apps

What if your smartphone went digital HR service?

Thanks to DjobGo finally approach the digital transformation of the HR function. DjobGo is a response to the mutation of job search modes by framework profiles. Smartphones and new technologies have impacted job seekers' habits. DjobGo is a response to this revolution.


Once the company profile is created you just have to fill job description and locate your ad.


Distance and salary? With DjobGo these questions no longer arise the application makes visible your ads by geolocation and matching specific criteria including the range compensation.


The principle of geolocation and matching allows a better visibility of your advertisement and a better return in candidacy.

The Digital HR revolution is a shock of simplification

DjobGo greatly simplifies the recruitment process, allowing recruiters to immediately benefit. These advantages make it easier to communicate your offers and thus better detect candidate profiles.

Digital HR

Approach the digital transformation with confidence, be in touch with the evolution of HR tools

Visibility of your offer

No more offers at the end of the page candidates automatically have access to your offer by matching and geo location.

Quality and not quantity

DjobGo aims to target applications and present only the best CVs through matching.

Money and Evolution

DjobGo an application that will be a standard in recruitment. The application must evolve but also offer affordable rates for small businesses, SMEs, Start up but also groups and public listed.

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